As this is a seasonal menu and due to my constant creation of new foods, this is a sample of some of the food you may devour throughout your dining experience.

Cold Soup

Avocado, lemon myrtle, honeydew, apple, lemon verbena, olive oil

Makki Roti 

Corn roti, native oregano, kefir butter, wild garlic, burnt onion, salt bush and desert lime


Sweet and sour sponge, beetroot, spinach, butterfly pea tea, raw mango vinaigrette and coconut milk kefir

Khandavi (AKA Pasta not Pasta)

Besan ribbons, lemongrass and red chili oil, Thai basil and coriander root oil, spiced coconut milk and garlic flowers


Tubers cooked with tumeric, ginger and garlic in paperbark. Davidsons plum chutney, cucumber and fingerlime pickle,  fermented red chilies and garlic chutney and deep fried bajra.

Granita and Annin

Passion fruit, almond, quandong


Deep fried milk batter, cardamon, pistachios, amaretto, almond and caramelised figs

Sitafal Kulfi

Custard apple Kulfi, riberries, strawberry gum

Macadamia Nankhatai

Salted cookies with macadamia nuts and mountain pepper


River Mint and ginger water Keffir

Redback Ginger,  cinnamon myrtle and Tasmanian leatherwood honey

Kashmiri Noon Chai


$100.00 per person