Salad Days

Avocado with Lemon Myrtle, Peas, River Mint, Cos and Congo  


Sweet and sour sponge, Raw mango vinaigrette, Coconut milk Kefir


Lentil and Rice loaf smoked with Eucalyptus, Homemade Cultured Butter/Macadamia oil, Grape juice reduction, Coriander Seeds, Onion seeds, Oxalis

Potatoes and Cabbage

Charred Cabbage, Applewood Smoked Potatoes, Leatherwood Honey and Shimeji

Pasta not Pasta

Chickpea flour cooked to delicate ribbons, Lemongrass and Red Chili oil, Thai Basil and Coriander root oil, Warm Spiced coconut milk, garlic flowers

Chameli Kheer

Fresh Jasmine Flower and Almond Sorbet, Kheer, Berries and Fermented Milk Crisps

Pumpkin Donut

Warm Pumpkin donut with Pumpkin and Yuzu Sorbet and fermented millet


Passion Fruit Gel, Chocolate coconut Ganache, Fennel, Passion Fruit seed Praline


$85 per person

I am constantly creating new things with freshest of seasonal produce hence the Menu is subject to change without notice