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Our best is yet to come! From March 2022 we will be calling Carlton North our new and permanent home. We are very excited to bring you a new bold Indian regional menu, Indian hospitality and a newly designed venue that we are very excited about. Enter Via Laundry is about sharing inspiring food, stories and company on a shared table in an intimate environment.

Our dining experience has been founded on the belief that an entire community can begin around a table; by sharing stories of dishes and stories of each other. We cannot wait to have you over. Sign up to our mail list to be the first to book a seat with us!

An open door, an open table

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Eat. Share. Connect. Enjoy.


We are currently focusing and serving Mughaliya Cuisine, serving 10 courses on full and 5 courses on short menu.  We can cater for vegetarian, gluten free and nut free dietary requirements. Please get in touch with us via email if you have a specific dietary requirement other than listed. 

Led by founder and chef, Helly Raichura, the food at EVL is immersed in Indian culture and is ingrained in the belief that native produce, ancient techniques and recipes are the birthplace of all food, and continues to evolve with new influences. 

The four major influences at EVL are:

Trade and Migration




Our menu is a reflection of the food evolution journey we believe in – showcasing ancient techniques, evolving recipes, local produce and a passion for sharing the rich history of food. And it all comes together around an open table, and in the best of company. 

Each dinner at EVL is designed as a story, narrated by the chef; tracing the history, illuminating the culture and influences behind the cuisine, and delivering a unique experience to be shared by a small number of guests meeting for the first time. 

Come join us and explore the rich history of food.


We serve local and international wines as well as non alcoholic drinks to match the food and experience. Please ask our host for a full list on the day.


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