Dining Experience

Walk through a driveway of a suburban house to find a secret dining event serving Vegan or Vegetarian Tasting Menu for up to 8 people.

EnterViaLaundry offers a very unique dining experience in Melbourne where you share the table with other guests with a common passion for food and have a great time being fed in a very unique setting.

Set up in an open plan kitchen each table is Chef’s Table at EnterViaLaundry.


Our dining events are held on every Saturday at a private residence in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburb, 32 mins drive from Melbourne CBD, and close to Eastern Freeway. Detailed location is provided on booking. Please head to reservation page to book your seats.


I work with some of the best produce Victoria and my Backyard has to offer, the menu is reflective of modern day as well as age old traditional cooking techniques. My Food tells a story about my journey in life, originating from India to finding home here in Melbourne. How food from where I came from (Gujarat, India) and food from different backgrounds that co-exist in Melbourne finds adventure in adopting seasonal and native Australian produce, modern cooking techniques and much more. It reflects my learning from Shaun Quade’s Kitchen Lûmé and Gaggan Anand’s Kitchen Gaggan, Bangkok (The World’s 50 Best Restaurants).


EnterViaLaundry has originated out of passion for cooking, creating and learning. Cook at heart I have worked as a HR Professional majority of my life, EnterViaLaundry is an outlet where I practice the art of cooking, when I come back from my day job. It’s a beautiful experience for my guests as well as myself to connect, gather and enjoy beautiful food and conversations.


Salad Days

Avocado with Lemon Myrtle, Peas, River Mint, Cos and Bergonia


Sweet and sour sponge, Raw mango vinaigrette, Coconut milk Kefir


Lentil and Rice loaf smoked with Eucalyptus, Homemade Cultured Butter/Macadamia oil, Grape juice reduction, Coriander Seeds, Onion seeds, Oxalis

Grilled Rice

Potatoes, Rice, Leatherwood Honey and scallions

Pasta not Pasta

Besan cooked to delicate ribbons, Lemongrass and Red Chili oil, Thai Basil and Coriander root oil, Warm Spiced coconut milk, garlic flowers

Rose and Apricot

Rose Petal and milk sorbet, overripe apricots, cream


Fried reduced milk, elder flower, no BS pistachio icecream, peach


Passion Fruit Gel, Chocolate coconut Ganache, Fennel, Geraldton Wax


$100.00 per person

I am constantly creating new things with freshest of seasonal produce hence the Menu is subject to change without notice



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All the seats from March -May are now tentatively booked.

We are now awaiting payment for the bookings.

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