The Restaurant

EnterViaLaundry is a Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant in Melbourne . Our cosy communal table is setup in a open plan kitchen facing the backyard in comfort of our beautiful home.

It is a  perfect space for a dinner party with your group of friends and family or a space for people from different walks in life to come together to experience a well thought and gracefully curated tasting menu.

Open every Saturday, each session starts at 7.00 pm till late, for maximum of 6 guests at a time. Book now! For an intimate dinning experience.

The Menu

Our 8 to 9 course Vegan Vegetarian  degustation tasting menu offers a journey for all your senses, treating plants in an innovative way, creating some traditional and some novel flavours. The menu is designed to respect plants at each and every step.

Current Autumn menu is dedicated to some of the best Autumn produce Victoria and my backyard has to offer with some evergreen native ingredients and some age old Indian spices and techniques.

The cook

I Helly Raichura am the founder and cook at EnterViaLaundry. Originally from Ahmedabad, India I now call Melbourne my home.  During days I work for a Tech Start up as HR Adviser and rest of my time is taken over by my obsession to constantly create.  Cooking techniques and the beauty of fresh produce is something I have been obsessed with from a very young age. It has always intrigued me how simple ingredients like water, flour and salt could transform to delicious bread or how the nectar from the flowers is transformed into honey.  I love to learn about new techniques, produce, gadgets and I believe there is a never ending flow of content to learn when it comes to cooking.

It all started in 2016 when I had this beautiful dining experience at a restaurant in South Melbourne, all 15 courses my husband and I had on the day were a work of art, it kept me up all night thinking how do I immerse myself into the process of creation of this art.  I was in love with the experience, creativity, innovation and simplicity that the chef had created. Following my inner voice, I asked the restaurant If I could come in and experience the behind the scenes and learn, and to my delight they said Yes!

Then in 2017 I was fortunate to get an internship at Gaggan (Aisa’s No. 1 Restaurant for 4 consecutive years and World No. 5 in 2018).  This is where I was able to learn and observe how one of the worlds’ top kitchens works.  I was introduced to the world of molecular gastronomy, top class cooking techniques, legendary chefs and dishes that changed history of food and trajectory of the Indian Cuisine. The sheer magic and theater that Gaggan  created was gob smacking. I learnt some of the most important lessons of kitchen and the hospitality industry.  I returned back to Melbourne with a brilliant experience, a new found energy, a creative surge and ideas that are now part of my menu.

EnterViaLaundry is a creative outlet where I work free style, I follow no particular rules and nor is my kitchen bound to restrictions.  It is more akin to a studio or an atelier, than a kitchen.  It is where I practice and curate my art.  I feel immense joy in sharing my creations with people, share flavors that might challenge them, textures that might surprise, taste that might comfort and bring joy.  It’s where everything that I have learnt so far and have experienced since childhood comes together.


Vino | Cheese | Crackers 

Tomato consommé with South Indian Spices, Fermented Rice Crackers and Coconut Chutney. 

Strawberry | Eggplant

Pearl Millet tart with White Strawberries pickled in Umeshu, charred Eggplants with pickled Lemon salt, Leek and Wild Garlic cream


Lentil and Rice loaf smoked with Eucalyptus, Homemade Cultured Butter/Macadamia oil, Grape juice reduction, Coriander Seeds, Onion seeds, Oxalis

Carrot | Cabbage 

Carrot, Water Chestnut and Plum dumplings, Bok Choy hearts, Cabbage broth, Garlic Chive oil 

I am not Pasta 🙂

Chickpea flour cooked to delicate ribbons, Phanaeng oil, Coriander oil, Warm Spiced coconut milk, garlic flowers

Corn | Orange

Orange sorbet, Corn custard, Finger Lime, Cacao and Polenta crisps, and Lemon verbena Dust


Warm Pumpkin donut with Pumpkin and Yuzu ice cream and fermented millet


Victorian Chestnuts, Rum soaked Apples, Mandarine and Mastik candy, Maple syrup, Chocolate

Tea 3

India, Australia, Thailand

$85 per person



I have read the Cancellation Policy. Charges apply for late cancellation, reduction of dinner numbers or change to date: 100% menu price within 2 weeks, 50% menu price within 1 week. Advance notice required for dietary requirements. Dietary requests cannot be guaranteed without prior arrangement. Changes to existing reservations can be accommodated only when the requested dates are available.